We use Archery as one of ours additional sports.  Archery is one of the best sports that you can rest a bit.  Participants can catch a breath from running, jumping or climbing. This sport activity doesn’t need so much endurance from participants.  Our instructors will teach everyone how to shoot correctly and how to achieve the best results. Competitions are organized, and finally the best archers are selected. In conjunction with Bubble Ball, you can create a lot of fun for children and adults.


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Contact number: +48 501-231-421


Archery is divided into two main categories. Traditional archery and sport archery. Of course, as at events not everyone must know how to use the bow, especially children, that’s why we practice traditional archery.

Thanks to trained instructors in a few minutes, a person who wants to learn a bit, will learn how to manage with bow learn the basic techniques of shooting. After a few-minutes of instructions, both the children and the adults will know how to shoot the bow correctly.

Small tournaments are a great time to spend some quality time with friends and family.


Examples of games and activities:

  • A single archery tournament – Archery target shooting. From a set distance, shoot the shields. Whoever gets more points this person wins.
  • Wilhelm Tell – Shooting for the “apple” hung on the rope. From a set distance, we shoot at our facility. Whoever places the accurate shot wins the cup of Wilhelm Tell.
  • Family vs family – competition that the family will score more points for a given number of shots and / or in a given time.
  • Match department vs department – we play in teams. The team that after the set time has more points will win.


We also invite you to our place:

  • The games take place after prior booking – Park on the Vistula, the corner of the Pucki Coast and Zatylna Street (near the Gdański bridge)
  • The above area can be adapted to the needs of the group. We play on the area from a small pitch in the dimensions 20m * 20m, to big groups for games on the open, almost unlimited terrain.


Our Office:

  • Year-round ski slope “Szczęśliwice”
  • Drawska 22, Warsaw

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