Laser Tag – Laser Paintball

The latest variation of paintball. Players shoot each other with a laser weapon, so it is completely painless and at the same time 100% effective.

The weapon looks very realistic, thanks to which it resembles a real fight.


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Transport and Staff: individually counted
Contact number: +48 501-231-421


Laser markers-rifles are connected to the system, which catches laser beams sent to the transmitter placed on the head (light band). Special sound signals give us different signals, eg about ending ammunition or being shot. At the end, the system counts the number of people hit so that you can choose the winner. Although it is laser paintball, you can play in full sun, and the range is up to 200m! The laser beam is released by the marker is not harmful or painful so it is a sport also for children.

We went a step further – we found that players can hide behind an obstacle and shoot from behind it – so we have headbands. Thanks to the automatic setting of markers, we can set the size of the radius diameter, which gives us a lot of fun both among older and younger ones. Everything is redirected to a system that captures all the most necessary statistics.

Examples of games and activities:

  • Best Shooter Deathmatch – game “everyone vs everyone”. Players shoot everything that moves. The person who makes the most accurate “shoots” wins. All rifles are connected to the central computer, the results of the game are given to the participants right after the game.
  • Uniwersal Solider – game which can also be played in teams of two to a dozen or so participants. The person who will have the best ratio of accurate shots to hits received, wins. All markers are connected to the central computer, the results of the game are given to the participants right after the game.
  • Collect the flag – the group game – is to get the opponent’s flag. There are various ways to win this play (the distribution of individual people responsible for various functions or playing with a shire force ). The team that captures the opponent’s flag and transfer it to its side, wins.
  • Last Standing – we play in teams, we play using mobile hospitals so that each player have more than one life. The team wins, which after the set time will have more “live” in their ranks.


We also invite you to our place:

  • The games take place after prior booking – Park on the Vistula, the corner of the Pucki Coast and Zatylna Street (near the Gdański bridge)
  • The above area can be adapted to the needs of the group. We play on the area from a small pitch in the dimensions 20m * 20m, to big groups for games on the open, almost unlimited terrain.
  • The Laser paintball itself is pure fun and extremely safe, because rifles  can not do harm to participants or viewers.


Our Office:

  • Year-round ski slope “Szczęśliwice”
  • Drawska 22, Warsaw

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