Bubble balls – inflatable balls

Bubble balls are inflatable balls that players put on and act like protective armor. You can bounce off, roll over without any consequences. You can both escape from arrows and play crazy football.

There are many ways to use our Balls, and we will adapt them according to the client’s wishes.


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We wear  the balls on each other (we enter it, and in the middle we put the belts) and we stick to the special handles. Thanks to such precautions it is impossible for a person to fall out of the sphere. After wearing them, we can play any game.

Initially, the instructor explains the rules of using balls and explains the rules of the game. Instructors lead the whole game to be played in a spirit of fair play. Bubble ball is similar to zorbing, but the legs are exposed (shown in the picture). Thanks to this, we can play soccer, for example. The rules are very similar, but the bubble ball is the “full contact” principle – the more the opponent will be rebounded the more advantage we give to our team. The first balls for Bubble Ball were created in Norway, specially created for the TV show “Golden Goal”.

Examples of games and activities:

  • Bouncing balls – everyone wins, kids, teenagers and adults change into invincible super heroes. We assume super armor that will protect participants from any inequalities or falls. We encourage participants to bump into each other.
  • For HR team – the game “only one wins”. The competitors start from one place and move in the designated area, colliding with each other. The last person who stays on the “straight” legs wins.
  • Football match – we play in teams, we play a standard soccer match. The team that after the set time will have more scored goals wins.
  • Family battle – for example, dad against his own family. The kids and mum are attacking and dad’s task is to defend himself against attacks. The aim of that play is to push “dad” across the designated line.


We also invite you to our place:

  • The games take place after prior booking – Park on the Vistula, the corner of the Pucki Coast and Zatylna Street (near the Gdański bridge)
  • The above area can be adapted to the needs of the group. We play on the area from a small pitch in the dimensions 20m * 20m, to big groups for games on the open, almost unlimited terrain.
  • The Bubble balls itself is pure fun and extremely safe, because rifles can not do harm to participants or viewers.


Our Office:

  • Year-round ski slope “Szczęśliwice”
  • Drawska 22, Warsaw

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