Cotton candy

A delicacy of all children, snapped up at every event, and the row to get it, is endless. Cotton candy is the perfect complement to any event, both large and small. Between games children quickly get hungry, and the sugar contained in the watt will give them energy for further play.


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Cotton candy is made of small sugar threads, which are twisted around a wooden stick, create different colors of different shapes. Amazingly, the first cotton candy machine appeared in the nineteenth century and very quickly caught a large group of devotees.

The first official name is “fairy floss”, which is still used in Australia today. You can do sugar candy in many ways, thanks to which, you can create various shapes with many different colors. There are many different machines to create cotton candy. Our device is designed for professional filming delicacies, and the size of the machine allows for efficient and fast winding of sweet threads on the stick.


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