Grass Uni-hockey

Very popular and often played sports discipline that works great in teams.  That sport needs a small rectangular place in dimension 15m*10m, we play using a quasi-hockey  sticks and a inflatable goals. Grass uni-hockey connects family and teaches that being selfish is not an option to win. Instructors will help in explaining the rules of the game and will play an important role as a referee. In every game of Uni-hockey we try  to keep in the spirit of fair play.


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Contact number: +48 501-231-421


Before each game the trained instructors will explain all the rules of the game, and during the match judge and take part in the competition. In order to play floorball, all you need is a big smile and a desire to play – this applies to both children and adults.

It is a great fun, especially when we play together with our kids – we teach them how to play as a team. The floorball game strengthens both the muscles of the upper and lower limbs and improves our condition.

Thanks to this, after the game, we are not only smiling but also tired.


Examples of games and activities:

  • Floorball match – a regular hockey match played on grass. To make it more interesting we can ask the players to hit the ball only with the left or right side of our sticks. The aim is about getting the most number of goals at the set time.
  • Golden Circle Player – the game “only one wins”. When there are 2-4 participants, the players shoot on one goal whose access is defended by an impartial goalkeeper. The person who scores the most goals wins. The area to play such a game can be a lawn, not just a pitch.
    Floorball system basket system – we play in teams, we play a standard match. The team that after the set time will have more scored goals wins.
  • Be like Lewandowski – playing on penalties. The person who will have the best rate of accurate shots wins. For the game, to have a risk element, the goal is extremely small and the goalkeeper can only leave the goal to a line of 1m.


We also invite you to our place:

  • The games take place after prior booking – Park on the Vistula, the corner of the Pucki Coast and Zatylna Street (near the Gdański bridge)
  • The above area can be adapted to the needs of the group. We play on the area from a small pitch in the dimensions 20m * 20m, to big groups for games on the open, almost unlimited terrain.


Our Office:

  • Year-round ski slope “Szczęśliwice”
  • Drawska 22, Warsaw

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