Movable climbing wall

The mobile Climbing Wall is an excellent form of fun for both children and adults.  Its mobile so we can bring it to any place that car can drive. The climb is now very high but the surface with rocky handles moves so the participant have unlimited space to climb. Thanks to the latest technology, it is like a real mountain climbing, and experienced instructors will help you to learn how to climb quicker and with more efficiency.


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Transport and Staff: individually counted
Contact number: +48 501-231-421


Climbing wall under the participant weight rolls downwards, which means that a person can climb endlessly. The speed of rolling the wall, depends how fast/slow the person climbs, so our wall is suitable not only for children, but also for adults.

Under the climbing wall is placed a professional gymnastic mattress that will soften any fall. Thanks to this, you do not need any other safe security.

This whole construction is placed on a trailer that we are able to transport to any place. Due to the fact that it is small, it does not need too much space.

Most of the climbing walls are permanently attached to  one place, our wall works very well both inside buildings and outdoors.


Examples of games and activities:

  • Sprinter – we measure the distance that a participant will be able to conquer at the appointed time. Young children have a handicap and some help that will allow them to compete with grownups.
  • Spider Levels – we cover the space on the wall from one fixed height from right to left. Contrary to appearances, it can last forever …
  • Family gameplay – competition between the families, which will go longer distances at the appointed time.
  • Match( department vs department) – we play in teams. The team wins, which after the set time will have more rocks (designated holds).


We also invite you to our place:

  • The games take place after prior booking – We can come to you or visit us at Vistula Park, the corner of the Pucki Coast and Zatylna Street (near the Gdański bridge)
  • The above area can be adapted to the needs of the group. We play on the area from a small pitch in the dimensions 20m * 20m, to big groups for games on the open, almost unlimited terrain.
  • The moving climbing wall is pure fun and extremely safe, because rifles  can not do harm to participants or viewers.


Our Office:

  • Year-round ski slope “Szczęśliwice”
  • Drawska 22, Warsaw

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