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The latest variation of Paintball. Players shoot each other with a laser weapon, so it is completely painless, and at the same time 100% effective. Thanks to modern weapons and special armors, we are able to calculate every single shot or every hit.

Laser Paintball:

Long range, many hours of fu

realistic look, painless

for older and younger participants

Bubble balls are inflatable balls in which players enter and bounce like balls in a billiard.

They work like a protective armor, thanks to which, each collision with another person, falling or even rolling in them is completely painless.

Inflatable balls:

safety of people playing

universality – can be used for many games

great physical activity

Thanks to the latest technology, the movable wall resembles a real mountain climbing. Experienced instructors will help you learn how to overcome altitude. The speed of climbing is adapted for any climbers (children and adults).

Movable climbing wall:

safe fun for older and younger,

the possibility of climbing in the room and in the open air,

adjustable climbing speed,

A delicacy for all children, snapped up at every event, and the queue is endless.

Cotton candy is the perfect complement to any event, both large and small.

Each composition of cotton candy created in our machine is unique, through its color, shape and taste.

Cotton candy:

for older and younger,

different shapes and colors,

a great complement of energy between games,

We practice traditional archery. Thanks to instructors in a few minutes, a person who wants to shoot himself, will learn what the whole bow consists of and learn the basic techniques of shooting.

Archery supports the spirit of competition, and the best shooters will be rewarded.


safe fun for older and younger in the spirit of competition,

just a quick training and we can shoot,

great complement to other games,

A very popular and often played sports discipline.  It’s safe and easy to learn how to play. Both girls and boys like to take part.  It connects teams and teaches how to play together.

Grass-hockey is a “easy-going” discipline that makes a person to use many different muscle parts and promotes healthy competition between participants.


physical activity for older and younger,

the ability to play up to a dozen people at a time,

simple rules of the game,

It is suitable both for events or picnics as well as for weddings or stag nights. Taking pictures in various poses and in different costumes (which we have) gives many reasons for laughter.

There is a possibility of branding the photo booth with a company logo.

Foto booth:

a souvenir from the event for years,

a huge amount of disguises,

print the photo right away at the event,

2Times – for corporate events in Warsaw and the surrounding area

2Times has been operating on the market for many years. We run a thriving ski school and city camps throughout Warsaw. We have extensive experience in working with both children and adults. Our greatest advantage is to have a wide range of offers for everyone and highly competitive prices. Many years of experience on the market have taught us one thing – if the customer is satisfied then we are satisfied. Our offer is adapted to every age group, and thanks to diversity, you can choose individual attraction.



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